Metabolic Syndrome X or dysmetabolic syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome


Today Our Topic is Metabolic Syndrome.

I will cover following things in metabolic syndrome:

  1. What is metabolic syndrome?
  2. What are the metabolic syndrome symptoms?
  3. What are the metabolic syndrome treatment?

What is metabolic syndrome?

Other name of metabolic syndrome are syndrome X.Metabolic syndrome is a group of disorder. Metabolic disorders are large body weight around the waist, High BP (HYPERTENSION), High Sugar, High Cholesterol, high Triglycerides. All these disease occur in one person.


When all these disease occur in one person. It  can cause the serious disease.

serious disease include: Coronary heart disease,stroke and Diabetes.

Name of Heart disease that will  will occur that is CHD (coronary heart disease).

CHD (coronary heart Disease)

In Coronary heart disease plaque is present in our artries.The arteries provide the oxygenated blood to our heart. if plaque is present in high quantity. result blood cannot reach the heart. And that part of heart start to be dead. In that cases heart attack can occur.


Insulin play a very important role in our body. It is created in pancrease.It control the glucose level in our body. If glucose level is high then it can cause diabetes.


It is a kind of fat. And this is present in our blood.

It is very dangerous disorder. If we study this group of disorder one by one. Then we realize one disease can harm our body badly then combination of disease will harm our body very much.

Note: When your body weight will increase, your cholesterol level increase, your BP will be high, sugar level will be more than normal. Then all these welcome the heart attack, or other heart disease, diabetes.


When you will develop the metabolic syndrome?

  • When waist size will be 40 inch or more in women and 35 inch in men. Your waist will become like an apple or pear
  • When BP will be 130/85
  • When hdl cholesterol level will be 50mg/dl in women and 40mg/dl in men
  • When glucose level will be 100mg/dl. It can be above
  • When your Triglycerides is 150mg/dl. Basically
  • Your thirst has been increased
  • You are going for urination again and again
  • Your sight has been weak. thing looks blur

And All these things will show , you have a metabolic syndrome. For metabolic syndrome 3 sign must be show

What are the metabolic syndrome causes?

Main causes of metabolic syndrome are obesity, insulin is producing in less quantity and inactiveness



As I told you above. How much insulin is important in our body? If your insulin is producing in less quantity , then it can be harmful for you.


AS you know overweight welcome a lot of disease. And Metabolic syndrome patient are very overweight. Especially abdomen is very large like an apple shape

What are the metabolic syndrome treatment?

If you want to recover from metabolic syndrome Then you have to change your life style. And You have to leave your inactiveness.

And you have to go to doctor for medication, like to control cholesterol, For High Blood pressure.


How you can change your life style?

There are some guidelines or tips for healthy lifestyle

  1. Morning walk

Doctor say morning walk is essential for good health.

So you should  for a morning walk

  1. Exercise

You should do 30 min exercise per day


Other guidelines are

  • Clean your room.
  • Go to work by bike.
  • Use stairs instead of lift
  • Drink sugar free tea
  • Do not drink cold drink too much
  • Eat vegetables, fish once in a week, egg.
  • Do exercise to reduce your belly fat.

Most important thing

So you should Go to doctor and tell your condition. Doctor will recommend you test like blood test, cholesterol test etc

After test give your report to doctor. Doctor will recommend you best treatment.

Live healthy lifestyle with treatment

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